home heating service and installation in south windsor, ct

At Imperial Oil & Plumbing Company, the comfort of your home is our priority, which is why we offer only the best, nationally-recognized suppliers of fuel oil and propane heating systems such as Amtrol, Weil-McLain, and State & Schutz. We supply first rate energy-efficient oil and propane boilers, water heaters, storage tanks, and other equipment for your heating oil and propane service needs.

The home heating system services at Imperial Oil & Plumbing Company include automatic delivery of fuel oil. We use a state-of-the-art computer network to ensure that your home is always supplied with heating oil and that you never have to worry about running out of heat at any time - even on the coldest winter nights. Our home heating services include budget plans, a New Oil Burner Maintenance Agreement, and the assurance of peak efficiency of your current heating system through our annual tune-ups.

We guarantee that any installation or repair from Imperial Oil & Plumbing Company will function as you expect, and then some. Imperial is at your service! Call (860) 291-0115 today.

Did you know that we install gas water heaters and boilers? If you have made the switch to gas but are still interested in quality customer service and honest advice, you can count on Imperial Oil & Plumbing Company to service your gas water heater or boiler.

Professional Heating System Installations

Our technicians and home comfort consultants are fully licensed professionals, experienced in handling both gas and oil-fired heating equipment. We understand the engineering requirements necessary to provide for the integration of sizing, configuration, control, and technology to meet your specific requirements. In addition, our consultations and estimates are always free and our goal is to help educate and inform our customers. In this way, you get all the information you need to help make the decision that will best support your particular objective. In the end, you will have the right equipment to meet your needs efficiently, safely, and with years of home comfort moving forward.

24-Hour Emergency Service

When we claim that our company provides reliable full service to all of our customers, we mean it! We understand that life still goes on outside of standard business hours. You can trust Imperial to provide 24-hour emergency service in that event that you have a heat-out emergency. Simply give us a call at (860) 291-0115 if you ever have an emergency problem with your heating system, and we will make sure to get your equipment up and running - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Service Plan

Our Service Plan is designed to provide the annual maintenance items that are important for oil heat consumers. In this way, we bring value to you in terms of service and price.

Our plan includes several services that will keep your system safe and efficient:

  1. An annual heating system tune-up

    Maintaining a well-tuned heating system can save you up to 10% on heating costs. This can mean an average of 70 gallons per season and increased system reliability.
  2. An annual system safety check

    Your heating system functions to keep you warm and safe; it is essential to make sure both of these aspects are accurate. Our technicians are qualified to perform an annual safety check on your oil tank to make sure it is free of leaks and damage.
  3. Many parts that commonly need replacement - at no additional cost!

    This will keep your system running as efficiently as possible.
  4. 24/7 response to system problems or heat-out conditions

    We are available around the clock for our Service Plan customers to repair your heating system if necessary and keep your family warm.

Take the guess work out of preparing for winter and maximize your conservation efforts with our Service Plan!
To sign up or to learn more, please call our office today at (860) 291-0115!