Home Heating Fuel Oil Delivery in South Windsor, CT

Automatic Fuel Oil Delivery Service

Gain peace of mind regarding your heating oil costs with our Automatic Delivery service. At Imperial Oil & Plumbing Company, we use technology-based software that predicts each home's individual fuel oil consumption patterns. Our technology considers the outside temperatures, historic usage, heating equipment efficiency, and a few factors to assure your deliveries are timely. Best of all, for our Automatic Delivery customers, we have a 'No Run-out Guarantee' so you will stay warm and cozy all year long!

Our Budget Plan

Our Budget Plan estimates your total annual heating bill and divides your payments equally over the course of the year. Rather than having expensive bills during the middle of the winter, you can have moderate bills equally spaced throughout the year. More and more of our customers are taking advantage of this payment method because it helps keep the family budget manageable and helps our customers organize their heating bills as another evenly spaced utility bill.

oil heat budget payment plan for south windsor, ct

For more information about this valuable program, please give our office a call today at (860) 291-0115.